oh man is this another web dev blog? 😑

October 23, 2017 / 1 min

That's right! So, I finally decided to activate my personal web development focused blog. It has remained private for a long time since I first set it up, here waiting for me to feed it juicy web related content. Which I never did. Well, I wrote 1 article 😂 that has been sitting there unpublished (and will continue to be like that, for now).

Anyway I decided at that time to go with the Ghost platform, attracted by their minimalist, no-bullshit approach to blogging. The project is still relatively young but has reached a certain maturity recently, with a first major release. I still like it and I'll give it another try.

I need to practice my writing a lot more and I feel like sharing gotchas, solutions and hints I stumbled upon during the hours spent working as a (mainly) Front End Developer at numerous companies in two continents (so far). Let's see how it goes, stay tuned!