Hey there!

I'm Luca and I squeeze tasty web juice for life 🍊 I'm a solid UI craftsman with an artsy dark side, currently working at Gr4vy.

I've been collaborating with clients from different corners of the world, providing my expertise in HTML / CSS / JavaScript, React, WordPress and [insert buzzword here]. My work ranges from promotional parallax-ish web pages to big CMS-driven sites, from neat single-page applications to large B2B platforms.

When I'm not working, I roam the world and let books, art and music inspire me. I write short stories and experiment with words.




A throwback to respect for life, willingness to learn, and an old-school practical creative work ethic that is not taught, but nurtured and earned through time, Luca Allievi is not just a technical asset, but a human asset.

David Lee, Software Architect

Whenever we have a project involving a new software platform (say ProcessWire or Drupal) or a new framework (for example, React or Angular) you can always count on Luca to roll up the sleeves and contribute to the team.

Brian Chen, Technology Lead

In addition to being an excellent developer and a lovely person, he is also communicative, efficient, and has a great eye for design. He understands UX very well and does a great job of questioning the wireframes and design to ensure an intuitive user experience for both mobile and web.

Katie Bedford, Project Manager

He has great communication and has mentored and worked with our team, both in house and remotely. His ability to self manage and direct projects is a huge value when explaining complex project flows and front end development.

Lilli Wong, Creative Director


Feel free to drop me a line at