Hey there!

My name's Luca and I squeeze tasty web juice for life.
I'm a solid Front-End Developer with an artsy dark side.
This is my story in reverse.

Cross the new frontier


The sky's the limit. No place really defines me so I figured I'd code while floating around the Earth. I've been collaborating with clients from different corners of the world, providing my expertise in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React, WordPress and [insert buzzword here].

Get into the great outdoors


Augmenting the Intergalactic agency team, I worked on this awesome React Native app for folks at SAP that pulls data from a headless Drupal instance

SAP background

Spotted By Locals

Spotted By Locals let you experience cities as a true local. Under the hood lies a WordPress network of sites full of fantastic tips for international travellers. I recently helped with a re-design, updating and extending the platform, cleaning up old code, re-styling and improving the overall performance.

Spotted By Locals background

Uala Business

UALA is one of the top fast-growing fashion startups in Italy. Along with a team of other talented people I worked on the new web-based version of their successful Business app: a React.js-powered administrative application for beauty parlors and hair salons to manage their internal processes.

UALA background


When I wasn't fighting grizzlies or surfing with dolphins, I would spend my days on board of the Intergalactic rocket ship, floating in the Web Apps space.

Put the clogs on


In collaboration with the folks over at Microsoft and using data from the City of Vancouver, I built the React Native frontend of this great Pokemon GO (ish) app that lets you discover Art in the city.

Muse background

Skookum Festival

"Skookum" means something like "monstrously significant" in the Pacific Northwest. I guess that sums it up perfectly.

Skookum background

Storm Crow - Santa Says

If you happen to be in Vancouver during the Christmas holidays, Storm Crow is worth a visit. There, you can play a fun game I developed at Intergalactic, a christmasy version of the more popular Simon Says. A beautiful React app that communicates with LED lights via Web Sockets.

Santa Says background
Blast Radius


Together with the other mad ones at Blast Radius in Amsterdam, I've blown nicely crafted bubbles for big guys such as Michelin, Leerdammer, Sony Pictures, Nikon and Jaguar.

Curry* on
* yeah, that's not a mistake. I am that funny.

Brand Asset Consult

We redesigned and rebuilt this website for our colleague from inside the network (who literally seats behind me!) and this has been a fun project which I took upon myself since the beginning. Built with ProcessWire and using Front End superpowers, it's a showcase to what this company can do to strategically evaluate your brand.

Brand Asset Consult Logo background

Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7

Back in a war room renamed for the occasion 'the jaguar's cave', we produced this nice site for just a bunch (a hundred) of lucky people who were about to get their hands on the Jaguar F-Type. Inside a tool could be used to set up your Jaguar and share the configuration to all your envious friends.

Jaguar Logo background


I've helped maintaining and building the Front End of the current Michelin website for three years. I was also responsible for building the UI for the Michelin CrossClimate campaign site, witnessing an historical tire launch.

Michelin Bibendum background

The Equalizer

I'm sure Denzel himself would be proud of us for building this catchy campaign site for The Equalizer. Along with the fantastic Flash game developed by @leedium, this fullscreen responsive site was a good, honest product.

Sony Pictures Logo background


A bit more than three years before, I was wandering through the streets of Berlin.
A vibrant startup, nu3, decided I was good looking enough to help them build a fresh UI for their fantastic e-commerce platform.

Cross over

nu3 website

I was hired by nu3 for helping out building the a new fresh UI for their PHP e-commerce platform based on Zend.

nu3 Logo background
Yellow Pages Malta


Ok I gotta admit I didn't know where Malta precisely was until I got there in 2012.
I eventually figured that out and started my internship at Yellow Pages, where I had the opportunity to build a humble Wordpress network of drag-n-drop created sites.
I know. Wordpress's great right? :v

Climb back up

Yellow Pages Malta microsites

My first experience in an international environment began by working on a custom Wordpress network of minisites for the clients of Yellow Pages Malta. The creative team was looking for an easier way to make such simple protomotional products, so I came up with a Wordpress solution that used Headway Themes as drag-n-drop tool to build each piece. They thought it was vodoo magic, but it worked!

Yellow Pages logo background

Adro, Italy

This is where all began now over six years ago, ever since I started to flap my small developer wings. At first I was timidly tinkering with HTML and CSS on a MySpace account (pretty much the playground for any UI developer at the time, lol).
Having realized a career as Counter Strike gamer wasn't really achievable, I wrapped up my programming knowledge from the high school and head banged my way to being a professional developer, thanks to the support of my family and the great Andrea at Ardua

Get in touch


Ardua helped me get into the professional web development world and refine my skills, building gorgeous campaign sites for local companies in my area. This is Andrea's main website, a custom installation of Wordpress with his fine design touch based on a premium theme.

Ardua logo background

Centro Professionale Audio

I've been looking after my father's website for quite a while now, raising it from a humble showcase to a full-fledged e-commerce shop. The current version consists of a custom Prestashop installation, coupled with a premium theme I modified according to our needs.

Cpa logo background


I specialize in building small, medium-sized campaign sites, web/native React apps and maintaining large platforms. I prefer projects with a strong sense of UI/UX and backed by passionate people like me.

Feel free to drop me a line at luca.allievi.dev@gmail.com. I can also be found on LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, Github.